Thank You!
Thanks again for your all your work, everybody is happy with the business plan!
We'll stay in touch and let you know about our grand opening!
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Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
I had an unusual request from a client for something that required a delicate response and I wasn't exactly sure how to respond. I hired Jason and Tracey to assist me with a written response to a delicate situation. While Jason assisted with drafting the letter, Tracey gave me advice on collecting a debt... fabulous advice from two fabulous people.
who can use his advice, experience, patience and grace.

Thank You!

Your good work and professionalism made it an easy call.

He knows what he's talking about...
Jason shoots from the hip and is one of the most upfront people I've ever known. He knows what he's talking about and when he gives you advice or direction, you can trust it.

Jason is a pleasure to work with!
Jason is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend his services.

Thorough and Responsive
I have worked with Jason to provide services for common clients. Jason is thorough and responsive to the needs of his clients. He provides practical advice that clients can easily adopt to their benefit. It is a pleasure to recommend Jason and Rosen Professional Services to businesses and their owners.

Personable, Expert, High Integrity
I'm so grateful to know Jason and Tracey Rosen! Their sense of humor, smarts and know how is a welcome cocktail for someone like me. I intensely dislike bookkeeping and financial projects so having them as my go-to financial folks gives me a sigh of relief. I know that I can call them and they will always be there for me. I love Rosen Professional Services!

A pleasure to work with!
I have known Tracey for over 2 years now and have had the pleasure of working with her for a common client. Tracey's patience and calm demeanor helped me when I was under strict deadlines to complete my work for my client. Tracey is a true professional in every aspect of her business. I highly recommend Rosen Professional Services.

He does the best job!
Whenever I find a client or friend who needs business planning, the first person I always think of and send them to is Jason Rosen. He is always a professional, detail oriented, and cares about his clients making sure he does the best job for them. I highly recommend Jason and Rosen Professional Services for business planning,