We added a new Zen Garden to
Okay so we probably should be focusing on a number of other work related projects around RosPro central but we decided to do something different.
We added a new page to our website.  Welcome to our Zen Garden.  At first glance it might look like we created a number of time wasters.  We prefer to think of these activities as a chance to declutter the mind, improve your thought process and relax.

Hmm.. Maybe it is a time waster after all.  Go take a look an let us know what you think.

Till then, be great!

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Rosen Professional Services is now on Facebook!
We have been fine tuning our website and in the process finally got around to creating a page on Facebook.

We will be posting events, making special offers and basically sharing good stuff there. Be sure to "like" or recommend us, so we don't develop a complex.

Have a great weekend!


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Major upgrade to
As the subject line suggests, we have upgraded our website.  But the changes are more than skin deep.

Along with making the website easier to navigate, we will also be able to update the content more often. Check back regularly for a listing of upcoming events and new product offerings.  A newsletter will also be coming soon.
In addition, we will be offering audios and videos which you will be able to access from

As always, we appreciate your comments and suggestions so please don't hesitate to go to our contact page to share your thoughts with us.

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